Video production

We live in a digital world where moving image is the benevolent king. Videos tell your brand story, showcase your products and services and connect with your audience. Together, we’ll tailor a solution that works across all the platforms you want.

Whatever you need

There are countless different types of videos. With my extensive experience, I can produce, for example

  • an information video explaining how your product or service works, or how your company works more broadly
  • a promotional video, for example for social media or television
  • a demo video to show you how to use a device or app in practice
  • an experience video in which your customers tell you how satisfied they are with your service
  • a training video, for example to train new employees or customers
  • an event video to introduce or record your conference, product launch, seminar or other event
  • a corporate culture video to explain your company’s values
  • an interview video, featuring for example an expert or industry influencer.

The content of the video will of course be tailored to your wishes. For aerial photography, I have a drone. A voice actor can be hired to do the voiceover. Subtitles can be provided in Finnish and other languages. And with licensed background music – or music composed just for you – you will avoid copyright issues.

So feel free to contact me and tell me what you have in mind! Or if you’d like to show the video in real time, I can also create high-quality livestreams.

The power of videos

In a world of ever shorter attention spans, videos stand out. Consumers do not want to read long texts, but prefer to form their opinions and purchase decisions through videos. The quality of the video can often be the deciding factor, meaning that a blurred image, shaky audio or sloppy lighting can be a fatal mistake. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid this by choosing a professional like me.